Choosedays! Garry and Barndog Review

Choosedays! Garry and Barndog Review

Dr Show Grooming Products! 

With all the excessive precipitation falling over the past week, Gaz and Barndog took the opportunity to ruin themselves in the mud. After the grey skies receded and humid heat nearly wiped out everyone, bar the thousands of indestructable mosquitos, the knots on knots in Garry's mane and Barney's itchy butt returned to haunt them. 

With chemicals being something we run for when the bitey insects come to play, wouldn't it be nice if instead we could reach for a natural product that actually works? Save their paunchy pony bellies from ingesting more chemicals? Enter Dr Show! A product we came across a few months back when a friend was using it to make her horses tails look nothing short of spectacular! In mad tail envy we had to try it. After using it with our own Ridestrong horses we decided to put it to the test on the manky ponies who usually require heavy duty lifting to get white tails and smooth manes. 

After a rinse and repeat on Garry's tail we found that the poo stains came out 100%. Nothing needed other than the Conditioning Shampoo! Garry had matts in his mane and tail, with a bit of shampoo left to soak and a good dose of detangler, those babies brushed straight out. Barney stopped itching immediately and the areas of rub he had we slathered in GG Healer. We finished the ponies make over with the Dr Show Protect and Shine. Keeps the bugs at bay and the shine strong! 


Knowing full well the habits of ratty ponies, I took them straight back to their yards to wreck their show ready appearances with a roll in the mud. If you have shetties or minis you have to know that they dont just roll. They rub their manes in the ground, they rolley polley, get up rolley polley again and cake themselves in dirt and mud. Often rendering a good wash useless in 10 seconds flat. 

While there was evidence of mud streaks and grass attaching to tail, these brushed out perfectly. A day later and they still look immaculate with no knotting as yet. 

We have to give the following reviews for these ingeniously good natural products. They absolutely stole the show for us! 

Smell: Smells like you could eat it! *****

Quantity required per wash: A little does go a long way, but we always want it to go further right. The detangler is a five star no brainer *****. The 1L shampoo comes in at **** but is easily fixed by purchasing the economical 4L tub especially if theres a few nags bashing about. 

Shine: ***** Just look at those ponies blinding shines. 

Overall effectiveness: ***** Cant Complain! 

Stain Removal: The shampoo takes the win ***** Insane! The best Ive seen in a natural product. 

Rainscald Removal: GG Healer takes the cake here ***** wipes straight off. 

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