Mc Dowells Herbal - How We Got Here!

Mc Dowells Herbal - How We Got Here!

You know that feeling when your old faithful steed gets a rocky diagnosis with no real medical cure in sight except pain relief and wait. My stunning 17h bay, 22 year old Off The Track beauty got slapped with Ross River and EOTRH. Both horrible autoimmune diseases that took him from being a healthy, strong boy I thought I'd be riding well into his 30's to a lethargic, wobbly, frail boy who spent his days staring at one spot in the paddock. Along with intensive Acupuncture therapy I knew he needed a good herbal program. With so many herbs out there and even more flailing research saying one product will cure him, while another source tells me the same herb is toxic... I felt my years of study falling away from me as I got deeper into the wormhole of internet advice. 


I stumbled upon the Mc Dowells website by accident. It felt like a big warm hug! A place where the team were there to support me, answer my questions without expectation. They found multiple issues within his diet that were hindering his progress. Catherine, the proprietor, soon opened her knowledgable brain to me and set about writing a diet plan, explaining her product choices in confident detail. This is exactly what I needed. I took the chance based on their exceptional customer service, kindness, knowledge and support. The herbal blend Ross River A and B, Alleviate and Tendon and Bone Mix (for his arthritis) were the main addition to my old boy's repertoire.

He downs the herbs with absolutely no problem. Cath advised that this would take time, as we know with anything natural... However, within two weeks I couldn't believe what I was feeling and seeing with him. Being his full time Equine Acupuncture Therapist, I observe things many owners fail to see. His eyes changed completely, his tongue colour began improving from a pasty pale to uncoated pink, his thicker than usual coat dropped out, his behaviour markedly improved! He began grazing, wobbling less and being more energetic and playful once more. The pain in his body responded quicker to the Acupuncture treatment because he wasn't working so hard to support vital functions that had become difficult. The herbs were working with my treatment synergistically to enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms. Essentially it sped up the process dramatically. This led me into a whole new world with the McDowells team. I don't recommend products that I don't use myself for my very own horses. I have a firm belief in doing what is right for the animal, whether its selecting treatment modalities or the correct supplements to bring them to a place of better health. What McDowells gave back to me and my old boy I wanted to share with my clients! I sent clients through to them for advice and I started seeing better, quicker and more precise results when I combined therapy with their incredible herbal preparations. 


I began using their herbs on myself for chronic debilitating migraines. I haven't had one in over two years! 

Among my clients success stories, are the healing of impossible sarcoids, getting unridable horses to enjoy a pain free ridden career in appropriate disciplines. Tendon healing, fractures, ulcers, allergies and itch, cancer, reversals of arthritic changes. The bone healing mix has completely changed my own personal dogs' life. She has a collaped carpus. A surgical intervention being the only way to fix this issue. Surgery would further debilitate her arthritic elbow and is thus not an option for us. I use Mobility, Millet and Linseed, Bone Healer and a raw diet along with fortnightly acupuncture to tension the weak and hyper extended ligaments in her leg. The before and after images speak volumes. She doesnt experience lameness anymore! 


Of the most impressive, the total healing of a horse (pictured) suffering colitis that was 100% unresponsive to medical intervention. He was on the brink of euthanasia and we tried the McDowells program (Equigesta, Colloidal Silver and Conditioning Mix) as a hallelujah effort to save his life. He is enjoying a life of show jumping now and completely healed. An example of how Mcdowells helps me treat the cause and not just the symptoms! 



I proudly recommend, use and sell McDowells as my exclusive herbal supplier because they are rockstars in the industry. They care so deeply for each case I bring before them, they are never too busy to answer my questions or give my clients advice and support directly. They go above and beyond to improve each case, they delve deeper and find me solutions to impossible tasks. Thank you McDowells I am proud to share your brand with my very valued clients. 


Tamara Young

Ridestrong Animal Acupuncture Therapy 

Equine & Canine Therapist 




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