Top Five Toys for brand new puppies!

From whelping box to toy box. 

When it comes to puppy toys the list is endless! We are always on the search for toys that our puppies find enriching, entertaining and are nearly indestructible- because let’s face it - nothing is truly indestructible in the jaws of a golden..  regardless here are our favourite toys for our growing pups! 

  1. The Furmilial Fitness Ring $22-$25: This takes out first place honours for teething terrors. It’s hard enough not to disintegrate into thin air when it sees a golden on the loose but soft enough for babies to munch on and ease their little gums. It’s also a brilliant toy for helping your pups loosen and drop baby teeth whilst playing tug with you! Fitness rings aren’t meant to be chewed but they can withstand a fair bit of love!
  2. The heartbeat teddy from Kmart! Love this guy so much!! With his reasonable price tag and little comforting heartbeat he just hits the mark for needy babies who have trouble settling into their new homes. A win for crate training too. 
  3. Licki mats: I mean you can’t go past this for bath times, enrichment times and to slow down fast eaters. There’s a variety of great versions from the splash to the regular mats and while this is one of our favourite things to do with the puppies, it’s a supervised treat! Otherwise the more enthusiastic littermates tend to chow down on the rubber!
  4. Puzzle Toys: I love puzzle toys for dogs of all ages! There are varied levels of difficulty. Young pups love playing and working them out especially as it asks your dog to make use of their senses thus enriching them greatly! 
  5. Duck Dummies: I am big on biological fulfilment for my Goldens and as soon as possible I get my puppies interested in duck dummies - this is with the intention of later field and retrieving work in mind. However, even if you aren’t doing dog sports it’s still important to treat your gundog like the incredible animal it is. Allow them to tap into that predisposed desire to pick and and gently carry game. Duck dummies come in all sizes and are not toys to leave with your dog but ones to play with together during training sessions. 

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