Why Crate Train - By Tracey Bruhn (Dogs Diet and Training)

Why Crate Train - By Tracey Bruhn (Dogs Diet and Training)



As a dog trainer I’m quite often met with resistance when suggesting the use of a crate. I understand the fears of being deemed cruel for using them (sometimes social media has a lot to answer for). I do however see massive benefits in being able to crate your dog, especially given the recent natural disasters that have unfolded through out the country.

Crates are fantastic tools that offer a quiet place for your dog/pup to chill and relax. A place to keep them safe, but as with any tool they can also be used incorrectly.

Situations where crates may be needed include 

 🐾Vets - vets will often crate your dogs before and after surgery. If your dog is crate trained there is far less stress on the dog, vet nurses and vets, who will quite often have to wrestle the sick/injured dog into one.

🐾Travel- dogs are required to be restrained during travel, this could be on the back seat with a harness or in a crate. If you own a ute a crate is a far better option than tethering your dog in. One with a roof will provide shade, will stop your dog from falling over the side and can also stop your dog from nipping anyone that gets to close to your vehicle.

🐾 Home - I’m only going to list a couple here but there are more. Crates are great for puppies, you can use them to help with toilet training and prevent them chewing things when unsupervised.

🐾Natural disasters - let’s face it, of late Australia has definitely been thrown some curveballs with latest being flooding. If your dog is crate trained it is one less thing you need to think about It will make it easier for you know where the dog is while you get yourself organised and it will also make it easier to find accomodation in evacuation centres should you need it.

Some things to remember 

 🐶 Dogs should never be left in a crate all day and night.

🐶 Crates should never be placed where weather can affect the occupant, Eg. Full Sun , Rain or Snow.

🐶 Crates should never be used for punishment.

🐶 Crates should be size appropriate.

If you think you can see the benefits of crate training and would like any help with teaching your dog how to happily use a crate feel free to contact me . Tracey Dogs Diet & Training 





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